Official webpage for the “Kings of the Boogie”; the group

Harvey played with at Woodstock.

Waves GTR is the world’s leading developer of signal processing solutions for the professional

, broadcast, and consumer electronics audio markets.

The co-producer & drummer on the new Harvey Mandel & The Snake Crew record..

Sponsoring Harvey Mandel

16 weeks on the Billboard charts in 2005,

Touring in support of their new release “Buried Alive In The Blues”

Maker of the Parker “Fly” series guitar featured on our homepage. A Leader in guitar innovation and technology, and a sponsor of “The Snake”

Custom pedals, and electronic modifications.

Sponsoring Harvey Mandel for over three decades.

Official website if the Tieken Twins, friends of Harvey and Produced by Stephan Galfas

Space-age guitar picks, and an official sponsor of The Snake.

Grips and contour for unparalleled accuracy.