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by The Rolling Stones Featuring Harvey Mandel | Black & Blue

Harvey "The Snake" Mandel - Sponsored By FenderⓇ

After his legendary Canned Heat performance at Woodstock 1969 with a Fender Stratocaster, Harvey Mandel’s name has become synonymous with the Fender sound. Based on the original custom-built Strat that was owned by him in 1969, Fender has masterfully recreated a heavily upgraded version of his original ’66 Strat. Built to space-age specifications by the gurus at the Fender Custom Shop, the green Snake Stratocaster features 3 P-90 pickups, a floating bridge with a whammy bar, ivory knobs, rosewood neck, and a custom pick-guard.

“It’s great to be back with Fender. Over the decades, the Stratocaster has always been a part of my experimentations with sound and tone. My setup has changed drastically with the advancement of technology, and Fender has been with me every step of the way.”

50 years of working with Fender. Half a century of pioneering in the industry. Harvey is prominently playing the Snake Stratocaster on Recordings and performances.

Harvey Mandel is Powered by Robert Keeley Electronics: Utilizing a Keeley Modified Boss Digital Delay, and the Keeley Katana, Rotten Apple, and Compressor pedals to create his signature sound.

..This is channeled through the Roland VG-99 Guitar Processing Effects System where the fretboard of his guitar is interpreted though a multitude of digital programs and samples, transporting his universe wherever he goes.

Kelley and Roland: Futuristic technology powering an innovative pioneer.

When Bob Dylan was asked to play the Grammy Awards in 2011, he had a special request: “I want Harvey Mandel on the Guitar.” At the 5:20 Mark, Mumford and Sons begin playing “Maggie’s Farm”, and the curtain breaks to Dylan’s band, showcasing Harvey in the center. Special thanks to Bob Dylan and the Academy! – Snake Crew